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Join me in welcoming, Linda Harmon - Celebrity Guest Classmate

Our website is a dynamic communication tool that provides an open, flowing 6-lane avenue that allows me to cruise back in time and reacquaint in the present with Linda Harmon and many other talented and wonderful people. To the left, is Linda's Sophomore photo. Linda is a very busy lady and I thank her publicly for taking the time to contribute to our Dora Hobbs Memorial project. Turn your sound on and enjoy Linda singing Love You Madly!

Linda Harmon's answers to my many questions:
"I graduated from Three Rivers High School in Three Rivers (TR), Texas.

Believe it or not, my family moved to an even smaller town than Cushing! TR had a population of about 2000.

My graduating class, which was considered a large one, consisted of 43 seniors. Daddy worked at the Three Rivers Refinery. Mama was very involved with the TR First Baptist Church. I got to do everything. I was cheerleader, graduated 4th in my class with a GPA of 96 (the school gave number grades instead of alpha), was a class officer every year, Student Council, All-State Choir, yearbook photographer, won the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award, I think of it as the Scarlet O'Hara Homemaker Award since I'm always planning to think about that tomorrow! I had the female lead in all the plays and was named Miss Live Oak County my senior year. The summer after high school graduation, I went on to be 3rd Runner-up for Miss South Texas (preliminaries to Miss America), competed in poetry, monologues, piano, voice and whatever other competitions were available."

Presenting Linda Harmon!


"LINDA'S enDORAsement"
(through harmoneyes)
written by Linda Harmon
November 6, 2008
Linda graduated in 1966 from
Three Rivers High School in Three Rivers, Texas.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this marvelous idea. Count me as being on board. Please keep me in the loop about things as they progress. I'll do whatever I can from here. It's a real honor for me to be included. I wonder sometimes how much more of a difference she would have made in my life had my family stayed in Cushing for three more years. I had only one year of her, and she made such an impact. Here's my enDORAsement, which I'm so happy to send.

I was a Freshman at Cushing High School (1962-'63) and nearly overwhelmed by it all. It was the first day of school, just after lunch. There I was, trying to find my way to my next class when a little package of dynamite named Dora Hobbs came up to me. No one had to tell me who she was. I had grown up knowing who she was. I had been to plays that my older brothers were in. I had heard them talk about her. I had seen her from afar, and I knew she was someone special. She was wearing her trademark straight skirt and crisp blouse and a gold charm bracelet on her wrist, making music, music that I heard above the din in the hallway that September afternoon. She said, "You're Linda Harmon, aren't you?" I said that I was. "You're Gary, Larry and Jim Harmon's sister?" Again I answered that I was. Then she asked me where I was going. I told her: whatever class it was; I don't remember now because I never went to it. She said, "No you're not. Come with me to the office." I followed her, wondering what I had done wrong already. She took me to the office and said, "This is Linda Harmon. I want her in my class, the one that's meeting right now." I want her in my class; those words resounded in my head. She wanted me in her class. She actually came to find me because she had chosen me to be in her class. You have no idea what that meant to me at that time in my life. The woman behind the counter rather timidly said, "But Miss Hobbs, that class is for Sophomores and upperclassmen. Linda isn't eligible to be in that class. She's just a Freshman." Undaunted, Dora Hobbs replied, "I don't care. I want her in there anyway. Take care of it please." And that was that. Tripping over my jaw and my excitement, I followed her into her classroom and into another world. (Above photo is from the 1952 CHS Vivacity.)

I remember that event in such detail because it changed my life. SHE changed my life, opening my eyes to a world of possibilities and magic and accomplishments. My life has been full of the arts. I've been fortunate enough to support myself solely with work as a singer and actress for nearly all my adult life. I owe thanks to many people for that: my parents, my piano teachers, and Dora Hobbs, among others. I was in awe of her, and I'm so grateful that in the small town of Cushing, Oklahoma, she was there, for me, for so many others, to show us what is out there, but more importantly, what is inside us that needs expression and fulfillment. She took me, a shy and overwhelmed Freshman, and showed me something important inside myself to hold onto. I'll always love and appreciate her for that! She did it with words, poems and plays, but she did it even more with her lovely Self, giving all of us the best parts of her, shining a big light on a stage, shining an even bigger light into our hearts and minds.

That she deserves to be honored for what she brought to our community, especially to our young people, is certain. My life, and so many others' lives, has been different because of Dora Hobbs. To have the opportunity to get all those people together again to honor her and tell our stories would be a wonderful event. To have something tangible that shows the world how much we appreciate her is important for all of us. It says so much about Cushing, its priorities and one very special, very wonderful woman. The time to do it is now.

Linda Harmon

Harlequinade CHS 1963 Production

Click on photo for closer view:

left to right: Roger Housley, Linda Harmon,
Carole Sue Gumm, Jayme Daniel; Gary West

"Love You Madly" by Linda Harmon - now playing

Song and CD may be
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"Hawaiian Swing" CD
Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack
Released: 1999
Total Tracks: 17
Label: Concord Records 

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