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Tribute to Kelly Burden CHS 1956, 2011 Cushing Athletic Hall Of Fame Inductee

Kelly Dee Burden
was born in Cushing, OK
March 21, 1938 -

1959 Tulsa University
Kelly graduated from TU in 1962 with a BS in Physical Eduation.
He also received a
Masters Degree in Recreation.
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TU Golden Hurricanes photo & story.

1956 Vivacity
Burden, Kelly
- Football, Basketball, Baseball 4 yrs, Track 3 yrs,
Football Co-Captain, "C" Club 4 yrs,
Sophomore Class President ...
"If popularity could kill, he would
have been dead long ago."

Kelly Burdern
1959 TU Golden Hurricanes
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"It was a misdemeanor to engage in a prizefight in Oklahoma prior to July 17, 1959. On that date Gov. J. Howard Edmondson signed a bill that legalized the sport of boxing in the Sooner State. The Oklahoma Territorial Legislature had declared in 1890 that pugilism was "a crime against the public peace" and rejected a bill to legalize boxing in 1895. Although Gov. Lee Cruce used the Oklahoma National Guard to enforce the state's prizefighting law, Oklahoma's anti-boxing legislation was unpopular and ignored.

Professional championship boxing debuted in Oklahoma on June 22, 1909, when over three thousand spectators gathered at Oklahoma City to watch Denmark's Battling Nelson defend his world lightweight championship. It was sixty-two years before Oklahoma's next title fight when Cushing native Brian Kelly Burden unsuccessfully challenged Bob Foster for the world light heavyweight championship at Oklahoma City's State Fair Arena on December 16, 1971. Controlling the bout was Oklahoman Earle Keel, who that night became the first American Indian to referee a world title fight."

compliments of Ross Funkhouser CHS 1958

Kelly boxed for the Tulsa Boxing Club in 1957, 1958, and 1959. He won the Miami Golden Gloves Novice Division Light Heavyweight Championship in 1957, and the Open Division Light Heavyweight Championships in 1958 and 1959. Kelly then advanced to the Kansas City Regional Golden Gloves Tournament and won championships both years. He then advanced to the National Golden Gloves Tournaments in Chicago, IL.  During the 1959 National Tournament at Chicago, he was awarded the Tony Zale trophy for the outstanding boxer of the tournament. He boxed for the Cushing boxing team in 1960 and 1961. At the 1960 Mid-South Golden Gloves Tournament at Memphis, TN, Kelly was awarded the Sonny Ingram trophy for the outstanding boxer of the tournament.

Kelly's Years at CHS - Click on photo links below ...

CHS 1953
Basketball Team:

CHS 1954
Sophomore Class Officers:

"C" Club:

CHS 1954
Kelly - Sophomore Guard:

Basketball Team:

Kelly - Football
Sophomore Back:

Sophomore Class Officers:

CHS 1955

1955 Vivacity

2-year Letterman
Junior Guard

1955 Vivacity

2-year Letterman
Junior Halfback

CHS 1956

Senior Personality:

Life at CHS:


Football Coronation

Go Tigers!

Kelly Burden
Senior Guard:

Basketball Team:

District 8A Conference Champs:

Kelly Burden
Hard Running Senior Back:


Links to a Look Back at Kelly's post CHS Boxing Career ...

Brian Kelly links:
Career Review
Boxing Record

Trained by Pat O'Grady.
Worked as a high school
principal in Oklahoma.
Rated in the top 10 of the lightheavyweight division
in the early 1970's.
Global ID: 10870
nationality: U.S. American 
sex: male
division: light heavyweight
stance: orthodox
height: 5′ 10″   /   178cm
reach:  72″   /   183cm 
alias: Kelly Burden
country:  United States 
residence: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
birth place: Cushing, OK
won 45 (KO 26)
+ lost 11 (KO 4)
+ drawn 0 = 56
rounds boxed: 355 KO% 46.4

Newspapers Articles & Photos
Compliments of
Ross Funkhouser CHS 1958 &
John Cross CHS 1958

1959 Ft. Smith Golden Gloves
Finals Program

Cushing’s 1959 EAC Boxing Team
Competes in Miami & Memphis
Mid-South Golden Gloves

2/17/1960 Cushing Pugilists Commended For Conduct in
Golden Gloves Memphis
Mid-South Tournament

Cushing Daily Citizen
City's Burden Boys

1960 Memphis Mid-South
Golden Gloves
Burden Hits Fast

1960 City Sluggers
Point south for Memphis

1960 Memphis Golden Gloves
Kelly Burden KO's opponent
in First Round

1960 Memphis Golden Gloves
Burden Boys Win
Kelly is Hailed

1960 Ft. Smith Golden Gloves
Team Victorious

1960 Ft. Smith Golden Gloves
Open Champions

1961 Ft. Smith Golden Gloves
3 Cushing Boxers Take Crowns

 1962 Past Golden Gloves

1961 Golden Gloves Open Division Champions - Click on Image below:

Left to Right: Charles Bieker, 112;  Bill Harrington, 118; 
Freddy Mills, 126;  Eugene Huff, 135;  John Cross, 147; 
Joe Trowbridge, 160;  Kelly Burden, 175;  Larry Smith, Heavyweight

Pictorial Overview of Kelly's Boxing Career:
CHS Classmate remembers Kelly:
"Once while in high school (mid-fifties) I sprained an ankle. Kelly saw me limping down the hall, so he picked me up and carried me to speech class. Then he was waiting for me when the class ended to take me to my next class. Kelly has a big heart."

Carol (Wilson) Snow CHS 1957
Fanfare for Rocky by Bill Conti

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